Hello, I'm Grant Christman and here's my portfolio site. Below is a mix of my work and client projects. Thank you for your consideration.
Adobe Education Exchange
Art Direction

Adobe Education Exchange Website

Part of a team of 4 designing and working with IAs. The Adobe Education Exchange is an online hub to help ignite creativity in classrooms. With instructional resources, professional development, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Agency: Wreckingball Media Client: Adobe Link: Adobe Education Exchange
Toyota Drive 365e
Art Direction

Toyota Drive 365 Campaign

Art Director on Toyota's Drive 365 Campaign. Toyota wanted to create digital presence spurring conversations about teen driver safety. First phase of three on this project.

Agency: 360i NYC Client: Toyota
Chrysler Website Reskin 2010
Art Direction

Chrysler 2010 Website

Completed art direction on Chrysler's reskin before complete design overhaul.

The "tricky" part of this project was that the design needed to stay within the dimensions as original site.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Chrysler
Valspar Paint WebsiteArt Direction

Valspar Paint Website Overhaul

Part of a team of that designed the new "look and feel" of Valspar Paint.

Performed art direction and IA support.

Agency: EuroRSCG Chicago Client: Valspar Paint Link: www.valsparpaint.com
Dodge Dart Performance and Safety Mobile ExperienceArt Direction

2013 Dodge Dart Mobile Experience

Designed interface for the new Dodge Dart Performance and Safety mobile section. Art Directed and designed layout for this project. The design challenge was to keep this mobile experience as close to the website as possible.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Dodge
Belk Sales Associate IPAD InterfaceArt Direction

Belk Sales Associate IPAD Interface

I was brought in to help out on a BELK sales assoctiate pitch. I designed the sales associate interface for the IPAD. The idea would be to "arm" sales associates with IPAD having VIP members information at hand. A sales associate can look up shopping history, latest purchases, wish lists and other friends. Sapient won the pitch.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Belk
My John Deere Mobile ExperienceArt Direction

My John Deere Mobile Experience

Designed interface for the new My John Deere Mobile section. Users can log into an "all-in-one" mobile site for MyJohnDeere.com. Art Directed this particular project. Tried to marry up all images and links as best to the website experience.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: John Deere
Dodge ConfiguratorArt Direction

Dodge Configurator

First phase of Art Direction. Worked in tandem with an IA to design and develop Sapient's first crack at Dodge's configurator. One of the big challenges of this project was that we were confined by a restrictive template.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Dodge
Time Warner on Demand
Art Direction

2013 Time Warner Cable On Demand Website

Part of a team designing new "look and feel" for updated Time Warner Cable On Demand site. In charge of implementing consistant design and user interface experience.

Agency: Wreckingball Media Client: Time Warner Cable On Demand
Seagrams Ginger Ale
Facebook Page
Art Direction


First phase of Art Direction. Client loves "look and feel". Now we are creating additional pages. Also last three pages is the Facebook Application. This application lets you apply the Seagrams "Good to Be You" Seal of Approval. It's a celebration of your friends when they do good or in a spot where it's "good to be them".

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Seagrams Ginger Ale Facebook Page
Travelers InsuranceArt Direction

Travelers Backyard Landing Page

Created the art direction from the current dog commercials.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Travelers Insurance Link: Travelers Backyard
Grand Caravan "Embrace Your Vanhood" ConceptArt Direction

Grand Caravan "Embrace Your Vanhood" Pitch

Part of a team that came up with the concept for the redesigned Grand Caravan. Dodge wanted to penetrate the male market and we created "Embrace Your Vanhood" concept.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Dodge Grand Caravan
Chrysler 300s PageArt Direction

Chrysler 300s Page

Art directed debut page for the new 2011 Chrysler 300s. The 300s image in the homepage is actually an IPHONE photo we took at a Chrysler dealership. We were short on assets and made our own.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Chrysler
Dodge Journey's "Worlds Best Show" Microsite IdeaArt Direction and Concept

Dodge Journey's "Worlds Best Awards Show" Microsite

I have to be honest, because of the timeframe I had an art director assist me with this project. I think it came out beautiful under a tight deadline.

Dodge Journey was running "JOURNEY, WORLD'S BEST VEHICLE?". So, we thought it would be nice to have microsite that had an awards show and all the awards would go to the Dodge Journey. haha...

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Dodge Journey
PT Cruiser Couture Edition PageArt Direction

Chrysler PT Cruiser Couture Page

Another special edition page. Art direction and design for the PT Cruiser Couture Page.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Chrysler
"Journey Across America" Microsite IdeaArt Direction and Concept

Dodge Jourey's "Journey Across America" Microsite Concept

This idea was to take a family and have them drive across the country challenging other vehicles. Some challenges were to have the Dodge Journey take on a tractor in Iowa. Another challenge would be to take on a tank in Texas.

Visitors can watch and keep track of the families challenges throughout their travels.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Dodge Journey
Body By Milk presents "Eragon" the movieArt Direction and flash design

Body by Milk present "Eragon" the movie

Performed art direction and flash implentation for "Eragon" the movie promotional panel. Promo panel was used to not only promote the movie but the video game as well.

Agency: DraftFCB Client: Body by Milk Link (Demo): www.houseofg.net/samples/eragon/
Oreo Double Stuff Racing TeamFlash Design

Oreo Double Stuff Racing Team

Flash design for Oreo Double Stuff Racing Team. Very tight deadline because this project absolutely needed to be done for Superbowl Sunday.

Agency: Razorfish Chicago Client: Oreo Link (Demo): www.houseofg.com/oreo
Body by Milk and Kathy SmithArt Direction and flash design

Body by Milk and Kathy Smith

Art directed this promotional microsite for Body by Milk and Kathy Smith. Promotion was for visitors to submit UPC codes to enter a drawing to win a spa weekend at Lacosta Resorts

The art direction wanted to showcase the beautiful shots of the Lacosta Resort.

Agency: DraftFCB Client: Body by Milk Link (Demo): www.houseofg.net/samples/lacosta/
Chrylser 300 Direct Dealership Banner AdsArt Direction

Chrylser 300 Direct Dealership Banner Ads

Sophistication and elegance were the main idea for these flash banners. Usually direct dealershiop banners just fade in headlines and graphics. I tried to push these banners by having the car driving and the headlines "swoop" in on each stage.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Chrysler
Dodge Charger Yahoo Million Dollar TakeoverArt Direction

Dodge Charger Yahoo Million Dollar Takeover

Art Directed a last minute pitch for Dodge's Million Dollar Takeover Banner. Launching during the college football bowls, we came up with an idea to have the Charger actually be a running back. We saw this as a cgi video banner. To the left, is a photoshop story board of how the video would playout. We saw it dodging (no pun intended) and swerving to avoid the Xs and Os to finally score a touchdown.

Agency: SapientNitro Client: Dodge
Zumba Fitness Multimedia BannerArt Direction

Zumba Fitness Multimedia Banner Campaign

Art Directed a banner promotion for Zumba Fitness introducing their new "chair program". We wanted the user to get the most information with videos and a built-in fitness center locator.

Agency: Wreckingball Media Client: Zumba Fitness